Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Last week was our last to use our Legoland passes before they expired. So we took the kids out of school one day. They were upset about that actually until we got there and there were no lines for the rides and they got to go on them again and again without even having to exit the roller coaster. It was heaven. Until it started raining, but we stayed anyway and the kids had a blast. We'll miss you legoland! (good thing we can go for free the last hour of the day!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Will turned 5 today! We celebrated at Chuck E Cheese. It was a rainy day and I have never seen Chuck E Cheese with a line to get in. Will is a very funny guy but he does not like being laughed at. He used to get angry at the baby in the sun on Teletubbies because he thought the baby was laughing at him. He has an amazing grasp of sarcasm and dark humor for a child so young and is not afraid to say what he is thinking or feeling. He also has quite a grasp on words and how they are used. I keep meaning to do a "Will quote of the week" on my blog but haven't so here's the TOP 10 for tonight, Quotes by Will:
10. At the dinner table Will says, "I want Milk!" Mom says, "That's nice". Andrew says, "Mom, will you get me some milk please?" Mom, "OK, thank you for asking nicely." Will says, "I SAID I WANT MILK!" Mom, "That's nice." Will, "Why aren't you getting my milk?" Mom, "Because I'm waiting for you to ask nicely". Will, "But you said it was nice."
9. After the trunk or treat Halloween party we stopped by Ralph's grocery store and there were a bunch of college kids there in their Halloween costumes. One guy was dressed as a Roman gladiator (wearing only a loin cloth, sandals, and helmet). Will (age 3) sees him and says quite loudly, "Ha Ha that knight is naked!!"
8. If you know Will this is funny. At the toy store another 3 year old comes up and says "Hi my name is Timmy what's your name?" Will (he's only 3) looks at Mike and says, "Why is this kid talking to me, I hate this guy."
7. Will got a new beenie that's brown and yellow striped. He calls it his beehat. I asked him if he wanted to wear it to school and he said no. I said why not and he said because people will think I'm LOCO!
6. We were on our way somewhere and Will asked why we were going and I said, "Just for fun." Will said, "No not just for fun. I won't be having any fun."
5. Jim was just a couple months old and he was in his bed crying and before I could come in to get him Will calmly says, "Mom, take care of your baby."
4. At the grocery store Will started laughing and said "mom, mom what is this fruit called?" I said "it's a plum." He said "No, It's a bum fruit!"
3. We're at 7 11 to get a slurpee and Will sees the donuts and says "I really want a donut." Mike says, "I don't know, those donuts look old." Will says, "Your beard looks old."
2. At McDonald's Will was eating apple dippers and got caramel on his fingers and exclaimed, "AHH! I've been caramelized!!!"
1. Will's getting out of the bath and mom says, "Here's your towel, wrap it around you so your cousins won't see you." Will says, "Ya, so they won't see my penis [peeness] ....... and my poopness"